VPIphotonics – Optical Signal Processing

  • Bidirectional Nonlinear Ring Resonator:
    All-Optical Nonlinear Switching using Counter-Propagating Signals

    Demonstrates all-optical nonlinear switching in a microring resonator with bidirectional signal flow. Bidirectional nonlinear waveguide is modeled by the PhotonicsTLM module.

    Picture for Bidirectional Nonlinear Ring Resonator: <br>All-Optical Nonlinear Switching using Counter-Propagating Signals

    » Keywords: PhotonicsTLM, Dynamic Tuning, Ring Resonator, Kerr nonlinearity, Nonlinear Waveguide, All-optical Switching, Microring, Pump and Probe
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  • Dynamic WDM Channel Equalizer

    This demo illustrates a possible realization of a dynamic channel equalizer. For this purpose, two arrayed waveguide gratings (AWGs) are integrated with an array of active phase shifters to create a series of Mach–Zehnder interferometers (MZIs) which allow to equalize each wavelength (WDM channel) independently.

    Picture for Dynamic WDM Channel Equalizer

    » Keywords: Arrayed Waveguide Grating, Equalizer, WDM, MMI, AWG, MZI, Channel
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  • Integrated Recirculating Optical Buffer

    This demo illustrates how time-and-frequency-domain modeling (TFDM) technique allows to easily perform such otherwise complex simulations as modeling Integrated Recirculating Optical Buffers, which mix active components and small-size and dispersive passive PIC Elements, with strong feedback loops between them.

    Picture for Integrated Recirculating Optical Buffer

    » Keywords: Time-and-Frequency Domain, Optical Buffer, Feedback, Hybrid Integrated Photonic Circuit, TFDM, PIC., SMATRIX, Recirculating, Ring Resonator
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  • Wavelength Conversion Based on
    SOA Integrated with Multi-Ring Resonator

    This demo illustrates usage of a hybrid time-and-frequency-domain simulation technique for accurate and numerically efficient simultaneous modeling of SOAs and multi-ring resonators with small ring radii. Here, the SOAs are modeled employing traditional time-domain approach, while multi-ring resonators are modeled employing SMATRIX simulation domain with fully-automatic design of FIR filters for time-domain description of the multi-ring resonator structure as a whole.

    Picture for Wavelength Conversion Based on<br>SOA Integrated with Multi-Ring Resonator

    » Keywords: SOA, FWM, Microring, Four-wave Mixing, Time-and-frequency-domain, PICs, SMATRIX, Photonic Integrated Circuits
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