VPIphotonics University Program

The worldwide University Partner Program supports photonics research and curriculum at hundreds of universities and research institutes around the world to facilitate the deployment of next-generation optical components, systems and networks.

VPIphotonics' award winning software is cited in over 1600 technical conference and journal papers.

A subscription program allows users to choose the duration of their licenses according to their needs. All periodic licenses include free upgrades for relevant products as soon as they become commercially available. Special discounts are offered for classroom packages of up to 10 licenses.

Under the program, the software must be used in relation to academic coursework or noncommercial research applications. All findings are public domain, and copyright must be owned by the institution as well as the author.


  • Access to best-in-class design tools for optical transmission and photonics

  • Over 75% license fee discount for educational use compared to commercial offering

  • Automatic software upgrades (at least one per year)

  • Installation and licensing support via VPIphotonics Helpdesk team

  • Technical assistance via VPIphotonics User Forum (with News Room and Design Bank)

  • Access to extensive library of online documentation and tutorials (over 5000 pages)

  • Free usage of the Photonics Curriculum (lectures + lab exercises covering 16 course units)

  • Access to 850+ ready-made demo applications for teaching and self-learning

  • Integrate 3rd party models, data and routines using one of several programming and scripting interfaces

University Bundles

The Premium University Bundle provides flexible access to five individual design tools meeting best the various requirements in educational teaching and research.

Supporting specific needs, various 3-Product Bundles are available as well.

Please contact us for further details via email.


Premium University Bundle OpticalSystems LabExpert FiberOptics PhotonicCircuits DeviceDesigner

Photonics Curriculum

One of the key goals of the VPIphotonics University Program is to promote the use of our professional photonic design tools in our partners' academic teaching programs. The Photonics Curriculum is developed by VPIphotonics training experts and application engineers to support the integration of modeling and analysis tools into academic programs for photonics and optical communications.

Deployment of the Photonics Curriculum minimizes laboratory equipment spending without compromising opportunities to provide students with practical experience of exploring the behavior of optical systems and components.

The curriculum helps students to use VPIphotonics software to visualize complex physical effects associated with the design of optical transmission systems and photonics applications.

University partners receive a free package of the course material including lecture notes and laboratory exercises. Lecture notes are ready for use to deliver a presentation on a particular topic. Alternatively they can be modified and adapted to suit particular course requirements. Exercise notes guide students through a set of hands-on tasks that use given simulation setups to explore the key ideas and concepts presented in lecture slides.