VPItoolkit™ PDK LioniX

VPItoolkit PDK LioniX is a pluggable toolkit which extends VPIcomponentMaker Photonic Circuits by adding the support of the TriPleX™ integrated photonics PDK for the Multi-Project Wafer runs offered by LioniX International BV.

It enables the rapid design of TriPleX-based CMOS-compatible monolithically integrated passive and thermally tunable photonic circuits for their subsequent fabrication at the LioniX International BV foundry.

VPItoolkit PDK LioniX supports PhoeniX OptoDesigner by Synopsys as layout design tool.

VPItoolkit PDK LioniX - BBs list

Overview of building blocks available in VPItoolkit PDK LioniX

Design Example

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) System

ASPIC design based on [1] using Lionix PDK building blocks for the intergrated optical waveguide technology TriPlex and exemplary simulation result: restored Sample after OCT

[1] K. Worhoff, R.G. Heideman, A. Leinse and M. Hoekman,
"TriPleX: a versatile dielectric photonic platform",
Adv. Opt. Techn. 4(2), 189-207 (2015).

VPItoolkit PDK LioniX - Design Example Setup

Simulation setup in VPIcomponentMaker Photonic Circuits

VPItoolkit PDK LioniX - Design Example Layout

Exported layout in OptoDesigner using LioniX PDK

VPItoolkit PDK LioniX - Design Example Result

Simulation result - restored Sample after OCT