VPIlabExpert supports experimental work in many different areas such as microwave photonics, radio-over-fiber, high-speed photonic transmission systems based on direct or coherent detection as well as components specification.
Some popular applications include:

  • Generation, detection and performance analysis of advanced modulation formats such as DP-mQAM, PAM and 4D modulated signals and OFDM

Generation and detection of 20GBaud Nyquist DP-16QAM signal

  • Emulation of component limitations and transmission impairments

Link emulation for DSP stress-test


  • Off-line processing of pre-recorded experimental data

Off-line processing & analysis of experimental 56Gbaud 8PAM signal


  • Automated optimization of experimental settings

Automated bit loading for 25Gbaud OFDM


  • Development and comparison of analog and digital pre-distortion and equalization techniques