VPIlabExpert™ addresses the specific requirements of experimentalists for data pre- & post-processing and signal analysis functions for optical communications.

VPIlabExpert seamlessly integrates with VPItransmissionMaker™ Optical Systems, VPIcomponentMaker™ Fiber Optics and VPIcomponentMaker™ Photonic Circuits, thus bringing new technology and design concepts developed in a simulation environment into the lab for verification and further development.

VPIlabExpert instruments interface enables you to send a signal generated in VPIphotonics' simulation environment to an arbitrary waveform generator or bit-pattern generator and to receive a signal captured using a real-time or time-equivalent sampling scope for further processing and analysis (BER, EVM estimation, constellation analysis, SNR, CNR measurement etc.).

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VPIlabExpert comes with a set of interface modules for automatic signal conversion and transfer between simulation software and lab equipment, flexibly allowing user-specific requirements and the addition of new equipment.

VPIlabExpert provides great potential for reducing efforts in the lab by applying ready-to-use advanced functionalities and virtualizing lab equipment through emulation of optical and electrical components. By bringing together powerful methodologies and efficient tools for simulation and lab, experimentalists are able to significantly accelerate and improve the R&D process, for example, by developing lab-ready signal processing solutions or stress-test scenarios using VPIphotonics simulation tools.

Figure: Advanced signal processing and performance analysis for the lab

Currently supported Lab Equipment

MS2830A Vector Signal Analyzer/Generator


Keysight Technologies
M8190A & M8195A Arbitrary Waveform Generators
9000 & 90000 series Scopes

SHF Communication Technologies
1210x series Bit Pattern Generator



70000 series Arbitrary Waveform Generators
MSO/DPO5000 & DPO7000 &
MSO/DPO/DSA/SO70000 series Scopes