• Full-wave and parameterized signal and noise models

Doped Fibers

  • Steady-state and dynamic models for Er-, Yb-, Tm- and co-doped fibers

  • Embedded mode solver

  • Core and cladding pumping in normal and large-mode-area fibers

  • Giles and crosssection fiber parameters

  • Conversion to a rapid black box model

  • Spectral hole burning

  • Concentration quenching

  • Excited-state absorption

  • Rayleigh backscattering and background loss

  • State of polarization for ASE and signals

  • Temperature dependence of amplifier gain

  • Kerr nonlinearity

Undoped Fibers

  • Linear effects: chromatic dispersion, PMD, and Rayleigh scattering

  • Nonlinear effects: Kerr nonlinearity, Raman, and Brillion scattering

  • Polarization-averaged and polarization-resolved modeling options

  • Bidirectional signal/pump/noise propagation in multiple fiber spans

  • Fiber splices defined by OTDR data or fiber parameters

  • Multidimensional constrained optimization of Raman pump wavelengths and powers

Specialist Instrumentation for Measurements and Visualization

  • Test sets for measuring gain, noise and power characteristics of amplifiers

  • Post-processing and visualization of signals in time and frequency domain, including waveforms, phase and magnitude characteristics, polarization properties, filtering, fitting, etc.