VPIphotonics - 400G Transceiver Design

VPItransmissionMaker™ Optical Systems accelerates the design of new photonic systems and subsystems for short-range, access, metro and long-haul optical transmission systems and allows technology upgrade and component substitution strategies to be developed for existing fiber plants.

VPIphotonics - Layout Aware Schematic Driven Design Methodology for PICs

Talk from Dr. André Richter (VPIphotonics) at ECIO 2016

VPIphotonics - Design complex photonic integrated circuits

VPIcomponentMaker™Photonic Circuits is a simulation and design environment for modeling photonic integrated circuits (PICs). It provides advanced device libraries integrated with a scalable time-and-frequency-domain simulation framework enabling fast and accurate modeling of large-scale PICs with a mix of photonic, electrical and optoelectronic devices.

VPIphotonics - PIC design with VPItoolkit PDK and PhoeniX Software

See the video below for more details about how to export a circuit designed with VPItoolkit™ PDK HHI into PhoeniX OptoDesigner.